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  About us
  The Trust founded in June 2010 &. However, the public welfare activities were started in the year 2004. Trust activities were started in the year 2004 onwards with small welfare programme by a group of volunteers from the village. We have extended our functioning with so many activities like, Educational programs, Health awareness, Rural development,  Adaptation of children (Concerning their education) etc,  
  M.Saravanan ( Managing Trustee)  
  K.Manikandan ( Se/Financial Trustee )  
  A.N.S.Hariramanathan ( Advisor / Trustee )  
  T.Sathiyamoorthi ( Trustee )  
  J.Murugan ( Trustee )  
  R.Arumugam ( Trustee )  
  N.Jothisubramanian ( Trustee )  
  C.Kumar ( Trustee )  
  Legal Advisor  
  N.Rajeshwaran BA BL  
  Chennai High Court  
  V.P.A.Sankara Pandiyan  B.COM., CWA, STP,  
  Pavithrasastha Associates,. Madurai  

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